Are you following all of the “rules”, themes, and patterns…yet still having no luck?

Are you getting zero engagement and feeling really over it?!


But posting frequent, relevant, insightful content, while engaging current followers and reaching out to new ones is about to make you literally lose your mind up in here.

It seems like every third person is a social media maven,

but they don’t really get you enough to represent you online.


And those online bot services have you hanging with accounts that are fake or umm…let’s go with...strange.


And meanwhile instagram is all up in your business changing the way they do things every 30 minutes.


Sweet Lord.


But, (rain clouds parting, sun shining through) there is another way!


You can have an actual real person working on your instagram feed for you!

Meeting new friends, engaging with followers, helping you become the influencer and boss babe you always knew you could be!


It's your time to shine!






Crystal Honeycutt has a modern approach to social media. Crystal has the tools and knowledge to set you up for success.  I went from 179 followers to almost 400 followers. I receive 80+ likes on photos that I post.

"I have WAY more followers commenting on my photos and I am creating relationships organically. I learned behind the scenes tricks and adopted new business protocols for valuing the work I do. I hold near and dear that Crystal lifts us up to stand true to our non negotiables and stepping outside of comfort zones. Most importantly to trust that your story, is part of what makes you and your business brilliant. Being a part of this will absolutely change the trajectory of things for you. Crystal does not solely focus on growing your following friends, she’s helping us grow from the inside out. Creating relationships. Bonds. Trust and a powerful brand that is a representative of YOU. There is no better investment than in yourself, and your business. I can’t wait to see you in there!"   -  Meghan Shea

Crystal provides invaluable tips on how to be more present on social media.


"More importantly, she shows you how to really connect with your ideal client and build those critical relationships." - Lisa Wolfe

As much as I resisted social media in the beginning, I soon realized that it is an important piece to growing a business if you want to extend your reach, your message.


"Personally I found social media to be rather intimidating. I know I am not alone. This very things stunts people.  Prevents them from getting their message out and letting their gifts shine. That’s where this program comes in.  Crystals approach and how she breaks it all down are in a word, fantastic! The content is rolled out in nice chunk sizes, which are super informative and manageable but more importantly not overwhelming.  Along with Crystals contagious energy and a good dose of humor, it has made the process of learning the ins and outs of social media fun! Crystals attention to detail and to everyone in the group is second to none. Her integrity and authenticity shine through in everything she does. Being a part of this has changed how I view social media and I have learned so much that I am ready to do this thing!  If you find yourself not knowing where to begin, I can’t recommend it enough.  It’s been a game changer!"  - Meegan Sciretto

Ready to make social media great again?

Let’s work together!



Pinterest Management

30 Days

This is the hub of search engines! With over 200 million active users using Pinterest each day to find DIY inspo plus ideas for their next purcase, small brands can’t afford to ignore the potential it holds. If you aren’t pinning regular, authentic, visually appealing, relevant content every day at optimal times, then you aren’t hitting the 70% of consumers who go to Pinterest to decide on their next purchase!

Social Media, Marketing, + Brand Academy

Over 100 social media, branding, sales, and marketing training videos with a private membership site that includes in-depth modules on: sales funnels, email marketing, content creation, client retention swipe file emails, building + teaching your tribe, and so much more! Regular updates on the constant algorithm changes.

New content added monthly!!

Instagram Management

30 Days

Are you tired of having crickets on your posts? You’ve spent time coming up with creative + authentic content only to get 2 double taps..and one of them was your best friend. I know the feeling mama. This is where it changes, my goal is to put a smile on your face every time you log into your Insta account. Growing your tribe of loyal followers isn’t hard with my help! You keep creating the content and let me bring the tribe to you!



Crystal is called a "social media unicorn", "expert to the experts", and "achieves unbelievable results" by her clients. Her efforts in building tribes for female entrepreneurs have provided hundreds of women a foundation on which they are building their legacies for future generations to provide stability and income. 

Built & Lead teams of thousands before the age of 30, earning 2 free BMWs in less than 4 weeks, winning multiple free trips, and speaking at national conferences. She believes that "We can choose our own path, no matter the road others laid out before us."

Crystal was born in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee, where she still lives with her husband, son, and two Yorkies.




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