Instagram Management - 35 Days
  • Instagram Management - 35 Days

    You know you want to be seen and heard but do you really have the time to spend organically growing your Instagram tribe?


    Let's face it: growing a tribe on social media is a full time job in itself! If you aren't actively engaging consistently 7 days a week, you are getting left behind my friend! This is where myself and my team step in to help you!!! You are free to continue to create content, serve your clients, grow your biz, and show up to chat with your tribe while in the behind the scenes am constantly bringing in new people to your tribe - EVERY SINGLE DAY! You will log in with new notifications each time, new people to meet, and potential customers just waiting on you to show up + serve them in the work you've been called to do.


    No more 1 or 2 likes on your photos, those days are gone! Welcome to the Instant-Love, where you are instantly in love with your Instagram account.


    Don't worry: we dont use bots, crawlers, computer programs, or apps with coins to grow your account. It's all done in house (right here in the beautiful mountains of TN on 2 personal ipads). There is nothing shady going on here, we (REAL PEOPLE) are working your account. We don't do anything that is in breech of Instagram's TOS. Rest assured, you are in good (southern) hands and we will probably even bless a few hearts ;) 



    • client is to create Instagram, if not already done
    • client to provide management with username and password
    • client is to post photos (4-7 week), captions, and hashtags (management can provide guidance if requested)
    • management does not respond to comments 
    • management to work minimum of 1 hour day
    • management does not provide Instagram training
    • management does not guarantee specific number of followers, average is 300-800/week or 1500-3000/month- each individual account will vary
    • management abides by a confidentiality agreement with client not to disclose client's name
    • management does not offer refunds
    • No Refunds