....and I'm still a successful  

female entrepreneur

Hi, my name is Crystal and I love Jesus.

Layers of the Heart (how to share just enough on social media)

What does it mean to be social?

How to sell by serving first

Your worth isn't attached to a following number

Self belief is your super power

Being you in a world where it's not cool to be authentic

How to grow your online presence without buying followers

How to post, what to post, when to post online

Facebook groups: what to post, when to post, & do you need a team

Schedulers that arent against TOS

Why computer bot growth programs are the worst thing for your business

Why Automatic PM and DMs will cause your biz more harm than good

How much is too much to post online

Why people need to see YOU on SM

Why you need to be honest: you do sell a product

If you are marketing to everyone, you are marketing to no one

Which SM platform is the best

Go high when they go low

Why you cant create a leader

What does It mean to exhaust all means in NWM

How I use Instagram DM to grow my Facebook groups

How to choose your perfect hashtags

Turn your buckets of burden into buckets of triumph

Why you must "show up for your shift"

Virtual handshake: Profile photos + How to fill out the about section in your social media bio

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